Our Response to Water Well Concerns

View our Water Well Investigation Results Brochure.

We understand that water well concerns are of the utmost importance, and we have taken such concerns very seriously. We have been consistently responsive to the concerns of water well owners in the project area.

Of the hundreds of wells in the area, 16 complaints were received in 2017 during construction. Complaints were associated with sediment in the water or flow rate reductions. We immediately provided clean water to these individuals while their concerns were investigated and those assessments were reviewed by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC). An additional 4 complaints were filed shortly after operations commenced.  

The extensive investigations determined the conditions associated with the complaints were not related to the construction of the North Kent Wind turbine foundations or operation of the facility. The MOECC has completed their review of all complaints from last year and has agreed with conclusions of the complaint investigations. The investigation reports can be viewed here.

The highest vibration levels recorded at the well locations were attributed to well pumps and nearby traffic. Vibration levels at the water well locations from construction activities were inconsequential and much less than everyday sources. 

Water quality or quantity concerns appeared related to well construction, the condition of existing well pumping and treatment equipment, on-going maintenance, or lack of maintenance in combination with the natural conditions in the region.  

In the majority of investigations, filtration systems installed between the time of baseline sampling and the complaint were found to be improperly connected between the pump and pressure tanks, resulting in added stress on the pumping systems. When these filtration systems were bypassed, the water flow rates were normal. 

North Kent Wind held a Community Meeting on September 21, 2017, which consisted of an open house followed by a Q&A with a panel of experts. You may download the information boards from that meeting here and our brochure with background information on water well concerns here. There were written questions provided during the meeting that we ran out of time to address. Our responses to those questions are available here

The following video includes interviews with the experts and summarizes the research and investigation results.