Community Liaison Committee

North Kent Wind understands the value of including multiple voices in the discussion regarding
the construction, installation, use, operation, maintenance and retirement of the North Kent
Wind 1 Project. As a result, North Kent Wind established a Community Liaison Committee
(CLC) to discuss the important aspects of the Project as outlined above. AECOM has been
retained to help facilitate the CLC. The committee serves as a forum to share
ideas, express concerns and to provide the community with ongoing updates about the Project. The CLC will not be revisiting items associated with the REA process.

CLC Meeting #3

The third CLC meeting May 16, 2018.


CLC Meeting #2

The second CLC meeting November 16, 2017.


CLC Meeting #1

The first CLC meeting April 11, 2017.

Participate in the Discussion

Each CLC meeting is open to the public to encourage the community to participate by observing. Requests for delegations are welcome and can be submitted prior to each meeting to the CLC facilitator.

The North Kent Wind 1 CLC will meet four times over a two year period and CLC members are encouraged to share information resulting from the CLC discussions with other interested community members.  

Notice of Creation of Community Liaison Committee
CLC Charter
CLC Application

To ensure that the CLC embodies the wide range of community interests, the CLC is expected
to consist of individuals from the following groups
  • Landowners and residents within 1 km of the Project;
  • Indigenous communities;
  • Members of the local agriculture community;
  • Business and industry representatives;
  • Local social and environmental organizations; and,
  • Representatives from local agencies.

If you have any questions regarding the CLC, please contact:

Alicia Evans, Facilitator
Tel: 519-840-2254