Economic Benefits from 100 MW Wind Project

Supports the community:

  • The Municipality, through a majority-owned affiliate company, will have the option to acquire a 15% equity interest

Creates job opportunities:

  • Approximately 200 workers will be on-site during project construction
  • About 10 full-time workers on site during operations, in addition to the use of local subcontractors

Contributes to tax base with an estimated $250,000 annually benefitting:

  • Municipality of Chatham-Kent
  • Local schools

Supports the local economy by:

  • Purchasing goods and services
  • Increasing revenue for service businesses

Wind Energy:

  • Is an inexhaustible resource
  • Diversifies Ontario's energy mix
  • Benefits the environment and helps fight climate change
  • Is compatible with mixed land use: grazing and agriculture
  • Creates job opportunities in local areas
  • Provides a steady income to farmers and property-owners
  • Strengthens the local tax base, helping to improve town services, including schools, police and fire departments
  • Provides more direct economic impacts than new fossil fuel plants
  • Produces energy with stable production costs, offering a hedge against other energy sources with volatile fuel markets