Wind Turbine Safety Notice

As with any structure, wind turbines can accumulate ice under certain conditions. During the cold weather months, ice can build-up on the wind turbine blades and fall to the ground in sheets. This falling ice could cause injury to people or damage to anything within 100 metres of the turbine tower bases. It is often difficult to see the ice that may have formed on the blades or have any warning of when the ice could fall.

North Kent Wind 

North Kent Wind held a Community Meeting on September 21st, which consisted of an open house followed by a Q&A with a panel of experts. You may download the information boards from that meeting here, and our brochure on water well concerns here. There were written questions provided during the meeting that we ran out of time to address. Our responses to those questions are available here

North Kent Wind believes in green energy and safe water.  The two go hand in hand.  

Some community members have communicated to us that they are concerned our construction activity may be impacting their water wells. We understand concerns about water safety are unsettling.  

Extensive scientific research has been completed that establishes the construction and operation of wind turbines will not cause harm to groundwater quality at wells or in the broader subsurface groundwater environment. The scientific research also shows that there is no plausible mechanism by which fine rock particles can be transported 100’s of metres from turbine locations to water supply wells.

North Kent Wind takes the safety of local water wells very seriously. When a water well complaint is received, we quickly mobilize third-party experts to investigate and prepare a comprehensive report.

Through this process, third-party experts have completed investigation of 10 complaints and in each instance these experts have determined that any water issues have not been caused by North Kent Wind’s construction activities. There are 5 additional investigations pending.

We strongly support the ongoing efforts to determine the cause of well water challenges in Chatham-Kent.

Our full statement on water well concerns can be viewed here, and our brochure on this matter can be downloaded here.